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Business Payroll Service - NEW!

A complete payroll solution for as little as $49.95 per month!

Easy To Use, Low Cost Payroll Service

Four Oaks Bank’s payroll solution, powered by PayChoice, is an affordable, self-service, online payroll solution that provides direct deposit, detailed reporting and tax management for one low monthly rate. 

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Here’s How It Works
Our payroll solution will calculate withholdings, payroll taxes and net pay, and will automatically remit payroll taxes and initiate direct deposits to your employees. The online enrollment tool will guide you through the set up process and a PayChoice representative will be available to assist with any questions. After that, simply process your payroll.

Four Oaks Bank’s Business Payroll Service, powered by PayChoice, has all the features you need to process payroll quickly and accurately, including:

Easy Online Payroll Setup                                “We Do It For You” Federal, State & Local Tax Filing
Accurate Paycheck Calculations                       Penalty-Free Tax Filing Guarantee
Department Allocations                                     Direct Deposit
Voluntary Deduction Calculations                     Instant Online Payroll Management Reports
Vacation & Sick Time Tracking                         Online Employee Paystub & W-2 Access
Predefined Pay Types                                      Email, Phone and Online Chat Support
Error-Free Tax Calculations                             6-Month Money Back Guarantee

Benefits for Your Business 

Cost Effective – Process as many payroll runs as you like for one low monthly price. The cost includes direct deposit and full tax administration.
Keeps It Simple – Enroll online, set up your payroll account and process your payroll. It is that easy.
Big Savings – Get payroll taxes filed and initiate direct deposit for hundreds less than traditional payroll services.
Manage Taxes – Tax filing and remittance will be done on your behalf, protecting you from late fees and related penalties.  
Unlimited Support – We understand that payroll can be a challenge for small businesses, so we are here to simplify it for you. Contact the PayChoice professionals whenever you need help or have questions.
Go Paperless – the PayChoice solution allows you to go paperless with your payroll.  This is good for your business and good for the environment.

Benefits for Your Employees with Direct Deposit

Convenience – Saves time and money with no more trips to the bank
Immediate Access to Funds – No waiting for check to be deposited
Secure – No lost or stolen checks
Employee Self-Service – Allows your employees to view current and past paystubs and W-2’s online.

Full-Service Solution Also Available

If you have a larger business or a business with more complex payroll requirements, we can help! Full-service payroll solutions are also available at competitive prices through our partner, PayChoice.

Tax Filing – PayChoice will make all deposits and file all payroll tax reports on the customer’s behalf.  If the customer incurs a penalty and/or fine due to a PayChoice error, PayChoice agrees to pay all penalties and fines on the customer’s behalf. 

Verification Process – We require a 10-90 day verification process (pending credit check) before direct deposits are activated, during which time you will be provided with the employee check stubs and gross-to-net breakdowns along with your report package electronically.  You will then need to manually write checks based on the net amounts we give you until the direct deposits go live.  You will need to continue to do this for any employees who do not utilize direct deposit, as this is a paperless package.

Payroll for $49.95 – PayChoice offers its Self-Service solution for as little as $49.95 per month.  This service is available for businesses with ten or fewer employees; other limitations apply.  A PayChoice representative will determine qualification for this service based upon the complexity of the customer’s payroll.  Self-Service requires direct deposit or production of manual checks.  PayChoice does offer delivery of paychecks for an additional charge of $12.00 per payroll processing.  PayChoice also offers a full service product.  Let us tell you more!

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To learn more about our self-service or full-service payroll solutions, please contact Linda Winn

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