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Small Business Center Cash Management Services

Four Oaks Bank offers a competitive line of cash management services to help give you more time to do what you do best … run your business!

Business Payroll Service

A complete payroll solution for as little as $49.95 per month!

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Business Online Banking

With Four Oaks Bank's Online Banking service, you have a convenient, easy way to bank anytime, anywhere.

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ACH Services

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services are effective and convenient. They help you manage your cash flow and generally make your financial life easier. Use ACH for the following services:

Direct Deposit of Payroll

  • Save Money – Save from $0.50 to $1.25 per paycheck by using Direct Deposit instead of writing checks. Employees don't have to take time away from work to go to the bank.
  • Save Time – Simplifies the reconciliation process for your payroll account.
  • Convenient – No checks to store, print, distribute or replace.
  • Safe – Direct Deposit payments do not get lost or stolen.
  • Employees like Direct Deposit! – Their pay check goes directly to their bank so they don't have to.

Pre-Authorized Drafts

  • Automatically draft customer accounts for regular payments such as dues, rent, memberships, tuition, or any recurring payment.
  • Save Time and Money – Eliminate the effort and expense of printing and sending bills or coupon books.
  • Improve Cash Flow – Speed collection of accounts receivable and improve the predictability of incoming cash flow.
  • Save Time – Reduce administrative effort of collecting payments and reduce delinquencies.
  • Great Customer Service – Give your customers the benefit of knowing their bills will always be paid on time.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit makes your banking faster and easier. Using a desk-top scanner and web-based technology, you can scan, submit and deposit all your checks electronically from the convenience of your office.

  • Convenient – No more trips to the bank.
  • Save Time – No more loss of time by you or your employees. Make deposits 24/7, any time it's convenient for you.
  • Improve Cash Flow – No more checks piling up. Put your funds to work right away.
  • Lower Risk and Decrease Liability – No more risk of accidents on the way to and from the bank, and eliminate the risk of theft along the way.
  • Flexible – Deposit funds into multiple accounts.
  • Easy Recordkeeping – Statements are available online and your deposits are recorded daily.

How much is it costing your business to drive deposits to the bank? With a monthly fee of $40*, you could be saving money every month with Remote Deposit. Check out our Deposit Cost Calculator to find out. 

*Equipment cost not included.

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Remote Cash Deposit

Designed as an integrated service that allows cash intensive businesses to have more control over their cash, Remote Cash Deposit, a product offered through a partnership with Loomis, is an electronic validating safe that assists in reducing risk and minimizing operating expenses.  Remote Cash Deposit creates greater efficiency in processing, enhanced security for deposits, and daily funds availability to better manage cash flow.  Funds are secured and managed professionally and efficiently from the time they are deposited to the moment they are credited to the business account.

How It Works

  • Feed cash directly into the safe.  Once the money is in the safe, no one can access it until it is picked up by Loomis.
  • Each day, the safe reports cash total to Loomis.  Loomis guarantees totals reported by safe.
  • Based on that information, cash receipt reports are made available to Four Oaks Bank daily for credit.
  • An armored vehicle arrives, according to a pre-determined schedule, and takes the deposits to a Loomis cash processing center.  Change orders may be delivered at this time.
  • Both the business and Four Oaks Bank can access deposit totals and generate reports remotely.


  • Real time deposit balancing, including printable reports
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Improves funds availability
  • Reduced cash processing risks
  • Improve cash processing efficiency
  • Remote access to cash reporting
  • Manage deposits from one or all locations
  • Greater safety for cash and employees

Wire Transfer Services

Wire transfer services provide a timely and secure way to deliver guaranteed funds from one person or business to another at different financial institutions. Wire both domestic and international funds from the convenience of your office.  Wiring funds is more efficient and cost effective than sending checks over night.  Set up templates for recurring wire transfers.
May earn vendor discounts for sending timely payments. Requests may be submitted to the bank via the following methods:

  • Through Online Banking
  • Telephone or fax to a Customer Service Representative
  • In person to a Customer Service Representative

Electronic Federal Tax Payments (EFTPS)

The Treasury Department offers two methods of electronically paying your federal tax payments.
EFTPS Debit is a free service sponsored by the U.S. Treasury allowing payment of your federal taxes by touchtone telephone or a personal computer. A confirmation code is given with each payment assuring as accurate and timely payment.

Cash Concentration

Cash Concentration Accounts allow companies to concentrate funds from multiple non-Four Oaks Bank deposit accounts into a Concentration Account at Four Oaks Bank.

At the end of each day, if cash has accumulated in various deposit accounts at other banks, an electronic ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfer is initiated by your company to move the excess funds from these accounts to the primary Concentration Account at Four Oaks Bank. Electronic ACH transfers can also be initiated back to those deposit accounts on an as-needed basis to fund payments such as payroll, rent, etc.

Cash Concentration offers you a method of tracking your income and outlay, thereby strengthening the management of your business's cash flow. The consolidation of deposited funds into a central pool of funds benefits companies with multiple locations depositing funds into a variety of banks. By concentrating corporate cash into a single monitored account, your funds management becomes more effective, your investment potential improves, and your borrowing requirements may be reduced.

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